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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Guinea Pig

I've got a seat +1 Friday evening for a special preview of Sonoma. Great deal too. Four Course Tasting, $21, $14 per bottle of wine. My question is this: who do I take as my guest? Before I receive personal entreaties, lets think about this. I could take a friend, someone I've known and know is a food fan (no one specific in mind, thinking out loud here). Or... I could take a date. Some may ask "How would you get said date?" And to you I respond: Craigslist!

The prospect of trying out Craigslist for this sort of thing is interesting. Unlike most, I'd actually have a concrete idea for a date. And no doubt I would get some... interesting responses. From a purely conceptual standpoint, I think this is actually a not so bad idea. I've got no illusions here, as there's only a 5% chance that any date would be good. But there's a 25% chance it could be interesting, and that percentage increases if I do the due diligence and exchange emails with someone beforehand.

Catherine often asks the collective hive mind of the blogosphere for advice, and though the readers of this blog are numerically less than the Zunta crowd, I thought I'd open it up to you. Am I being foolish? Maybe. I cooked this idea up very late last night. Leave a comment; any and all are appreciated, friend or not.

Update: Gee thanks internet hive mind. Guess its back to relying on good ole' intuition again. In any case, I suspect that I will receive exactly zero responses to my Craigslist ad. A worthy experiment nonetheless.