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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Craigslist Experiment

An anonymous lurker asks for details re my Craigslist date Friday night. I'm afraid I can't provide anything interesting. I'm working on a full review of Sonoma for DCist, so you can read about that there when its done (tentatively, tomorrow). As for the date itself? It was just... okay. Not good, not great. Decent conversation, pretty girl, all good things -- but that spark, the chemistry, it just wasn't there. Add to that the fact that she lives and works in Bethesda and probably dislikes men who smoke and, well, there you are. Odds of me calling her to hang out again? 50/50. Still, it was pleasant to go on a blind date and have it not end in drunken groping or strong feelings of "that was a waste of my time and money." Yes, the former sounds fun, but really, it gets very boring after a while (and has, in 75% of my experience, been a bad idea).

To be put in the Odd Coincidence File (that thing is getting very thick): As I was walking down Connecticut Ave. to Mike's house post-Star Wars Saturday, I ran into the date. She was going to the zoo with some friends. We were both cordial and decidedly non-committal as to whether seeing each other right after the first date was a good thing.

My horrendous grammar in the first paragraph has been corrected. Dude, has today been crap or what?