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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Can't Use the Word Haterade, its Too Cookie Cutter

The ridiculous 35 odd comments on The Weekly Feed are kind of annoying. But at the end of the day, its really silly to care since 1/4 are from the same person and there are plenty who agree with me about Lauriol Plaza.

Oddly enough, what really gets my goat is that no one else has said anything about the lack of Ethiopian restaurants on the Cheap Eats list. That gets me very mad -- heck, I resorted to using boldface when making that point. We've got the corner on one type of cuisine in this city, and it gets resoundingly ignored by a Cheap Eats column.

Here's my theory: The Washingtonian is racist. Blanket statement of the year; I'd actually written something originally about that idea, but it wasn't the tone I was looking for in my Weekly Feed. Still, I'm starting to believe that statement. Yes yes yes, tons of Asian and Central American restaurants were on their list -- but the giant hole on the culinary map where Africa should be is alarming. (I don't think South American or other African cuisines have the critical mass in the area for me to make an equivalent point.) Okay, this is only a half formed thought. Will keep thinking about it. Not on to anything big, but certainly there is some merit to the thought that since The Washingtonian skews so rich and white, they're loathe to send anyone to 9th and T NW.