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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can't Remember the Last Time

There wasn't much to do last night. I was feeling rough after a bad night's sleep Sunday and a fun but active long weekend. Plus the soreness, as mentioned earlier. Despite feeling ill, I did drag myself to the gym for a workout. Got home later than usual (8:30) and ate a small dinner of leftovers and a banana. At that point I was at a loss as far as what to do... so I just went to bed. At 10. The result? I feel great today. Well rested, clean shaven -- and I managed to iron this morning and clean my room. There might be something to this "early to bed and early to rise" thing. Deserves investigation, that's for sure.

Tonight I'm off to Palena with Chef Scott. Yes, again. Venturing away from the burger to try something else off the menu. Why so many Palena trips? To that I ask you: why not? Report of our choices tomorrow. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Indique. But I'm on a decidedly continental and American cuisine kick right now.