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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Bleeding Red

Leg One of my planned Bloody Mary tasting tour was Saturday afternoon. The mission was to have seven bloody's; I got to four, not because of a lack of trying but because a combination of geographic necessity and unfortunate closings made the drinking a little more challenging than expected.

After an unexpected delay (Logan Tavern wasn't opening until 12) the tasting commenced at Hamburger Mary's. Their bloody was made with Ocean Spray mix, garnished with the usual lemon, lime, and olive; the glass was rimmed with cajun salt. Consistency, medium to low; saltiness, medium; spiciness, low. Overall, an okay Bloody, but not amazing.

Next it was on to Logan Tavern, where the Bloody is really tough to break down into individual elements. Thats because its completely choose-your-own. You get a menu with booze, ingredient, and garnish choices. I got mine Absolut Peppar, very spicy with wasabi. Pretty good, though not as hot as I was expecting it to be (that is, not painful). Also enjoyed at Logan was a Jean Louis Cuvée with Pom. Very, very tasty. I've not heard good things about the food there, but the build your own Bloody was delicious.

Fast forward to a few blocks down the road as I pull up my stool to the bar at Saint-Ex. This is where I enjoyed easily the worst Bloody Mary of the day, thin, mild, and completely non-descript. They made it with Tabasco brand mix but I had to throw in a generous portion of hot sauce myself just to get the drink to par. Next time I'll pass and just get a beer.

Here's where things get a little more rough. Its 1:30; I've got a party to go to, its hot, and two of the bars I want to check out are in the opposite direction of where I need to be. No matter... this was a mission! Unfortunately, my zeal was thwarted by reality. Neither Local 16 nor Stetsons were open for brunch. Grrrr... so it was on to Polly's for the last Bloody of the day.

I love Polly's. Its a dive, tiny and unassuming. There's a good jukebox and a strong likelihood that you may not have a seat. But it was the middle of the afternoon so I had a chance to pony up to the bar. Their bloody? Garlicky. To the extreme. It may have been that at this point I was sick of tomato juice, or that my blood pressure was exponentially increasing due to sodium levels, but for the life of me I could not finish that drink. Yes it was tasty, and a bit thicker than the other versions I'd had. The mix was homemade and pretty different than the standard. But after three prior I was dying for a beer.

Sunday morning I went to brunch and realized the last thing I wanted was a Bloody Mary -- and this was 24 hours later. After four, the drink had beaten me. Cripes. My goal was to have at least 30 different versions in the city with good notes about each, and I'm only 2/15ths of the way there. This is going to be a long mission. The next destination is yet to be determined, but may either be the hotel bar tour or the Adams Morgan/Mt. Pleasant tour. Question is, will I be up for it by Saturday?