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Monday, May 30, 2005


Quite possibly the best birthday weekend ever. Especially food-wise. The meal highlights thus far: The delicious Piccolo Bollito at Palena for lunch Saturday -- corned Kobe style beed served with a poached quail egg, an amazing green herb sauce, and three of the best pieces of asparagus I've ever had; an absolutely phenomenal (we're talking top 3 for the year here people if not #1) dinner at Pazo Saturday night; Scott's delicious East Cackalacka pulled pork last night... good God, it's entirely possible that 26 is the year I get totally fat (again). Awesome.

More details, hyperlinks, etc., later. I've been packing all day and am now off to Tunnis for a beer, followed by half price burgers and wine at Chef Geoffs downtown. Oh half price wine, you are the bestest.