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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yearly Grossout

There's a weird list of things I do maybe once or twice a year thinking I'll enjoy it and realizing said activity/venue/choice sucks. Items on said list: smoking a cigar, going somewhere in Rockville, drinking Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (lots of people like this, I am not one), going to bars near where I grew up, eating a jumbo slice sober, running (My shoes stink. If I had a better pair I might like it more.), going to Tom Tom in Adams Morgan. In calendar year 2005 I had only done one of these (Sierra Nevada) until last night, when I ended up at Tom Tom. Words fail me on describing how awful that place is. It was so hot that condensation from the ceiling feel on me (nasty), I was confronted by a bartender who said I didn't pay for my drink (she dropped my $5 and forgot about it), multiple skeezy (underage) dudes tried to pick up my companions... and they don't even have a Nintendo anymore.

Please, if you're ever out with me and I say words like "hey, maybe Tom Tom would be fun" shoot me. Preferrably somewhere non fatal.