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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Woe Lowdown

So my computer is dead again. But for some reason I'm not upset about it... eventually I'll take it to a "doctor" to be looked at and get an idea of what the problem is, but that isn't a huge priority right now. Frankly, being cut off from the internets at home has forced me to do other, more interesting things with my time. Like actually start reading again. This temporary divorce from technology has stopped making me feel upset and actually allowed me to relax. No AIM, no blogging from home, no checking work email on Sundays. Also no mp3s (which is sad) but I'm actually listening to albums again. Viva la liberacion.

Also, yesterday I found out I was the victim of identity theft. In 2003. In Montgomery, Alabama, from what it looks like, to the tune of some $700. Though somewhat confused by this I'm pretty unfazed, as the amount is pretty ludicrous and no expense that I remember. This odd news stressed me out for about ten minutes, but then for some reason I felt pretty calm about it. Let those in charge look at it; I'll just sit tight.

To come: a report on Nam-Viet Pho 79 (or whatever its called) in Cleveland Park.