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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Unfortunately, Stetsons Doesn't Sell Sarsaparilla

Last night, sitting at the bar at Indique, an interesting (and slightly drunk) gentleman gave me a brief overview of his views on local politics.

"You see, I'm a Barry for Mayor guy. This town... this town was like a frontier town when I moved down here. That was in the mid-80's."

"Where did you move from?"

"Well, you know, south of New York City, north Jersey. Up there its all towns and I tell you, they all have like their own army and system of government. You can't get away with anything. Down here back then there weren't any rules and you could do anything you wanted. Now the city is tightening all up. It wasn't like that when Mayor Barry was in office. We need a few more towns where there aren't as many rules holding people back."

I'd have never associated the esteemed MB with the frontier, or mid-80's DC as a haven for pseudo-libertarians eager to escape the rules of organized society. But there you are, another point of view.

Oh, and the food at Indique was nice. I ate very lightly and walked out having spent less than $20. Planning another visit sometime soon, and will provide a better overview then.