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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Remarkable Discovery

One significant problem college left me with (besides adulthood) is a serious soda addiction. Okay, addiction is too strong of a word. Affinity is more like it. But there was a time -- a tooth-rottingly stupid time -- when I drank 64 oz. of Cherry Coke a day. Thankfully those days are long behind me, but the delicious fizzy brown liquids are still attractive. On the weekends I rarely have any soda, but at work I have a can a day on average. For a long time the drink of choice was Diet Pepsi, vastly superior to Diet Coke and definitely the most passable of the diet sodas (diet=no calories, natch).

But there's a new kid on the block. A sale led me to purchase a twelve pack of the new Pepsi One, now made with Splenda. And remarkably, not only do the sweeteners in this new soda not cause liver failure/cancer/three eyed children/whatever, the soda tastes just like regular Coke, without the weird film sugary sodas leave on your teeth. I've only had two cans out of the case, but at this point I'm almost a full convert.

Pepsi One. Wow, I wouldn't have expected that.