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Friday, April 15, 2005

Randomly Generated Title

So on the now-ridiculous Bloc Party thread someone used one of those super-clever essay generators to wax on about the band and its place in society. These sorts of utilities were made all the more amusing by the Sokal Hoax. Anyway, back in the day these bits of code and their utterly ridiculous pseudo-essay spawn had many of my more hard-science oriented friends deriding the world of theory. Being the consummate literary theory navelgazer, I'd try to defend the discipline: "No no, really, the atavism of subalternity must be rooted in the hegemonic discourse of class dominance! And really, that sentence does make sense!" or some other rot (yes, actually the sentence does make sense, sort of. It is much more difficult to come up with nonsense).

Well, my theorist friends, it looks like some clever students at MIT have provided a computer science equivalent, and it even comes with graphics! So if any of your relentlessly empirical friends make fun of your pursuit of the abstract, here's a funny (though certainly not adequate) retort. If any hard science geeks read this: ha ha!

Edited slightly because I am hungover and not writing well.