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Monday, April 18, 2005


Did anyone catch the super-informative comparison of Maryland and Virginia in yesterday's Metro section on Maryland politics vs. Virginia? First, I have to take issue with Maryland Senate President Miller: using terms like "Mommy" and "Daddy" to compare two states' relative political climates isn't the most eloquent diction. After all, this isn't the Sunday Source. But Virginia House Majority Leader Griffith: how exactly is Virginia progressive? And I had no idea that socialism was on the march south on I-95. Then again, it's probably been stuck in mixing bowl traffic -- clever move on slowing the coming of your socialist overlords, Old Dominion State.

But here's my main issue: the Post breaks new ground in exposing the differences between a red state and a blue state. Guess what! They are dramatically different in terms of policy. Virginia "see[s] people as being able to take care of themselves" -- as long as you're not gay, I guess. Oh, and though Gun Control lobbyists have it easy in Maryland, in Virginia "Each year, the legislature comes within a few votes of allowing guns in bars." But the Christian lobbies have a hard time in Maryland: "Abortion restrictions are defeated; a gay rights bill is passed; a gambling measure nearly succeeds; and a ban on explicit videos dies in committee." I believe this piece was penned by Captain Obvious himself.

Let's be honest. Comparing Maryland to Virginia isn't apples to apples. Its more apples to the rotting remains of a partially eaten cantaloupe, dotted with horseflies, sitting in the middle of a parking lot on the hottest day of the year.