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Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Jacks Up in the Market Eatin' Greenery

Last Saturday the new greens lady at the market sold me on some wicked crazy greens. They look like full on leaves (veined, jagged edges) and run in color from a deep green to a purple. I was skeptical when she handed me a sample but holy Moses were these greens good. They have this odd kick and a spiciness that's mysterious, developing late on the palate. I piled some on a sandiwch and took it to work today; not only did they not lose their texture, but they maintained all the bite of being fresh from the bag. The farmer lady insisted that I never, ever cook these greens ("They lose everything!") which is advice I think I'll take to heart. One problem: I have no idea what they are. Not field greens like I'm familiar with, not mustard greens or dandelion... it is quite the mystery.

If you're a devotee of prebagged salad from the grocery store I highly recommend checking out the greens lady at Eastern Market. She's there on Saturdays, outside. You'll know her because she'll be standing in front of a large truck and behind multiple cases full of greens. She sells them by volume and for $4 you get way more than the average salad bag, and at about one billion times the freshness. I also got some great purple asparagus from her recently. Too yum.