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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Il Papa, Il Mort

I've got close ties to the Catholic church, through my job. One of my authors is actually on CNN right now (Michael Walsh, Conclave). Working so closely with Catholics has made me keenly aware of the church and all of its eccentricities -- which I love.

Today was a weird day. I was on PopeWatch all day long. And now I have such a strange feeling. This was, of course, inevitable. Now comes the 9 day period of mourning. After that, the Conclave begins. That I'm really interested in. Who will it be? I still hold with Arrinze, though some are saying Tettamanzi. But there's a saying: "A fat Pope follows a skinny Pope"... so that means the next Pontiff will probably be elderly. Does it mean he'll be more moderate as well? Who knows.

The role of Pontiff is endlessly fascinating. One of the few autocephalic leaders of a religious tradition, and certainly the most influential. And a seat that has existed (in some form) for 2000 years. There are few who would doubt the power of the seat. And here we are, the first Conclave in my lifetime. A new Pope, one who may be very different from JPII. This is going to be interesting to watch.

Because of time considerations (I'd rather watch the news than blog about it) I won't go on and on about how I feel about this... but it is a sad day. Politically, I'm really on the fence about John Paul II. But let's take a moment to remember him. I disagreed with him, but I still believe he was a great man.

More on this crazy Catholic stuff later.