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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Five Five Five

What you know: DCist happy hours always feature beers, conversations that use "blog" as a verb, and next day drunk photos in the interweb.

What you may know: A team up between Bluestate and DCist was opposed by the federal government because it falsely implies that DC is a blue state, when its actually a blue Federal District. But we're bucking authority. Why? Because when SanJuanist launches, they'll need a guiding light.

What you don't know: Goodspeed will be battle rapping all challengers to the lyrical death. The winner receives nothing from Triple 5 Soul, but wouldn't it have been smart of us to think of that?

What the heck am I talking about?


$5 margaritas? We can do that.

Because Five is Right Out.

Updated to Add the Following Keywords for Easy Googling: Cinco de Mayo, DC, D.C., DCist, happy hour, party, bluestate, drink specials, margaritas, Sauza, Cuervo, tequila, cheap beer, Goodspeed is a Google Junkie.