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Friday, April 15, 2005

Fashion and Foreign Policy

Kriston points to Robin Givhan's latest in today's Post Style section. These are the crucial issues I think need to be considered for such a high profile nomination. And I am utterly serious. Really, it's a matter of respect.

Two completely unrelated notes. I've been reading Waiter Rant all day. The anonymous author is a strong writer, and the horrors and joys of being a waiter are depicted pretty vividly. He's also apparently a former Catholic seminarian, so the confluence of writing about restaurants and an underlying spiritual sense (especially some social justice sentiments that float just beneath the surface) have completely sucked me in.

I just pulled out an old Moby album I haven't listened to in ages. This thing used to be my regular pre-Buzz listening: dancing around my dorm room with a beer and big pants, making my hair as vertical as possible, hyperly awaiting 10:30 so I could pile into a car that was most likely already stuffed to the brim... man, I've become so nostalgic for those days of late. Thank goodness Bluestate is tomorrow night, so I can get my dance on. Too bad I have no idea where I left my big pants.