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Monday, April 04, 2005

Enter a Pope, Leave a Cardinal

Steve Waldman of Beliefnet fame wrote a piece for Slate two years ago on possibilities for the next Pope. Slate republished it recently and I think it's probably the best piece out on the interwebs about who the College of Cardinals is most likely to select as the next holy Father. However, the piece does leave out Ratzinger as a possibility, a name that's being bandied about left and right. I'd love to see Danneels, but don't realistically think that will happen. And Arrinze would be a big bag of problems, especially in terms of sexual ethics. Tettamanzi is looking more and more likely.

Better question: what is his papal name going to be? Tradition, I believe, dictates that he cannot be named Peter. Becca is cheering for Pope Lando II, while I'd be happy with Pope Hilarus II. More likely: Pius, Leo, or Gregory.