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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Cop That

A couple days ago on the way to the gym I heard the new Missy Elliott single "Lose Control" on the People's Station. It sampled a song that I knew very well and I couldn't put my finger on it. Oh, and when I say sample I mean "used the other song's hook unchanged as the hook again." This morning on the way to work it hit me... it was the hook from "Music Make You Lose Control," the second track off of Les Rythmes Digitales' "Darkdancer" -- one of my favorite albums from 1999.

Now I don't really mind or even care about sampling; reworking songs in novel ways is in my mind a completely legit expression of artistic creativity. And Jacques Lu Cont of LRD is fairly well known in producer circles, providing remixes for Madonna and Daft Punk (to name just a few). But the problem I have is that Missy is so vocally against all things bootleg, and has always used either no samples or semi-obscure samples in her work (Double Dutch Bus comes to mind). And here she is penning what sounds like a song created by the bootie scene and its rampant genre hopping. What gives? Oh, and what bothers me even more is that the rap message boards are touting how hot the single is (okay, that's kind of true) and how the hook is so novel (!!!). The source of the sample came out six years ago, far closer than the funk and soul samples Missy and her team traditionally uses. This is probably just snobby criticism on my part, but couldn't she come up with source material a little more interesting? What's next, ripping the hook off of "Rendez Vu"?

Dear Eminem, remember when you said "nobody listens to techno"? Care to retract?