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Monday, April 18, 2005

Chirp Chirp

Capitol Hill Poultry in Eastern Market sells whole organic chickens at $2.99 a pound; not the cheapest bird in the world, but not too shabby for organic. The taste difference alone makes choosing the organic variety worth it, as I did Saturday. At a little over $9 total, I figured the consequent roast would last me at least four days. I brought the bird home and brined it overnight in a combination of water, finely minced garlic, kosher salt, olive oil, and white cooking wine.

Also purchased at the market were a bunch garlic chives and half a pound of unsalted butter. If you've read DCFüd's roast chicken tips, you probably know where this is going. My butter was of the simple variety, just chives, salt, black pepper, and a touch of lemon juice. And man is there a ton of the stuff left over. I'll be eating it for weeks. Not that that is a bad thing; I spread a bit on some really cheap bread and it tasted delicious. In fact, I could probably spread it on a shoe and make it edible. But I'm digressing...

After brining the chicken for around 24 hours, I shoved some healthy amounts of butter under the skin and roasted for a touch more than an hour. No stuffing the cavity, no coating the skin, nothing. The result was a perfect roast of chicken, lightly flavored from the brine but not overpoweringly salty like the last brined bird I prepared. The highlight of the roast was the skin, well browned and crispy like a good chicken skin should be. Don't eat the skin? You're really missing out -- it's sometimes the tastiest part.

There's other bird-related news this morning. First, the Nats pick for their mascot... another bird? Come on people. As the article notes, the Caps and the United already have eagle mascots, not to mention the orange birds just up 95. Nats: you had the insect world on lock! Bad decision. And naming it Screech? I'd drop a Saved by the Bell joke, but I already did so on a DCist comment thread. But that doesn't mean you won't be hearing more of them in the future...

Speaking of our feathered friends in the national pastime, I do believe my O's are off to a good start. Is it too soon to feel like I'm just getting my hopes up for no payoff? Still, its great to hear Steinbrenner put his own Evil Empire on blast.

DCeiver points to possibly the best dialogue ever made available via Blogger. It speaks for itself.

Does anyone want to put a bet on when we'll have a new pope? I call 10 AM Wednesday, eastern standard time.