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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Biggest Sports Entertainment Event of the Year

Yesterday was a tough one. Stupid Daylight Saving Time made my tutoring trip to Takoma Park an hour earlier than I would have preferred, and I wandered through my lesson barely coherent. A weekend of doing nothing exhausted me. Cripes.

But my relative tiredness did not dissuade me from going to Tom's house for Wrestlemania night. I love me some sports entertainment, especially when I'm sufficiently removed from current happenings that I can watch without really caring who wins. Though the wrestling itself was only okay, it was nice to reconnect with my adolescent self. I kind of miss the days of "marking out" for various ridiculous pseudo-sports.

Post wrasslin' I decided the Metro would be too tedious an exercise. Thus I made the roughly 527 block walk from O St. to the nearest D6 bus stop and sat waiting for said bus for about six hours (all numbers herein exagerrated significantly). Finally arrived home just after midnight and barely crawled out of bed this morning. Luckily, supervision in the office is light. I'm going to sleepwalk through today.