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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

TPS Report

My ring is still missing, and now I'm experiencing "phantom ring syndrome." I know its in my room--but where? Am also getting a little nervous about having to move in two months. Of course, I found my current place in a week, so it shouldn't be too hard.

Tonight I take on a new student. Not only will this be my first male student (though Vicky, it must be said, wasn't exactly a girly girl), it will also be my first non-SAT student and my first learning disabled student. How many x-factors could I agree to take on in my zeal for extra money? Should probably work out fine. His main issues are with essay writing and reading comprehension, and that's where I'm a Viking. The best park? He lives in walking distance from the Cleveland Park metro. Not only can I avoid driving by taking Metro, I have an excuse to enjoy some good food. So tonight it's dinner at the Palena bar; I actually have an excuse to go. In my course with my student I also plan on checking out Vace, Spices, and maybe even some places in Tenleytown. Nice. Full report on Palena's bar to come later tonight or tomorrow.

Oh, if you're looking for laughs, I recommend the last two entries written by DCeiver. If you aren't a religious reader of his site, you're missing out on (as he would put it) hilaritycakes.