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Monday, March 14, 2005

This Time with Legitimate Reason

I'm down again. Spent a half-hearted hour at the gym and no amount of endorphin rush could help. One of my favorite people at the office was let go Friday, and I only found out late today.

The person in question was not part of my department or division; he was just a random guy that was in the cube next to me for some time. I don't know how good he was at his job, but I do know he had a completely useless editor that had an odd resemblance to Mr. Blobby. That editor was most likely my friends downfall. Oh, and I always had the suspicion his big boss (different from mine) was not the nicest guy in the world.

My friend was a good guy, one of the funnier and more unique people I've ever met. Others in the office felt the same way. His non-sequiturs and baffling questions added levity to boring office Wednesdays; his random drawings made with little skill still adorn my cube. We rarely saw each other outside of the office, but in the office we were always talking and joking about one thing or another.

But I'm not going to miss him just yet. There are massive changes outside of his department going on. New positions are opening and I'm going to try to convince my big boss that perhaps my friend needs another chance, this time with competent supervision. It's worth a shot, right?