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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Steak Salad and Soreness

I purchased a flatiron steak a while ago and portioned it into thirds. The first piece was marinaded in a Montreal Steak Seasoning concoction; the second, a curry and chili powder dry rub; the third, a mix of soy sauce and Worcestershire. The first two were good, not great. And due to a mix of procrastination, eating out, and other priorities, I let the third sit in the marinade for well over a week before I prepared it. The worries I had about this dish were pretty rational: soy and Worcestershire are both high in salt--so did I basically pickle my steak? Would this go down as my first real cooking abortion since this time last year? Last night was the moment of truth.

Prior preparations of the dish were served in the usual manner for flatirons. But for this particular cut, I was feeling bored. Recently some excellent Romaine lettuce had showed up at Eastern Market, as well as some decent looking tomatoes (finally!). I had bleu cheese dressing at hand, so steak salad it was. Broiled the steak under high for seven minutes on one side, five minutes on the other. In the in between time, the lettuce was fully washed and chopped and the tomato was sliced into eighths. After letting the steak rest for a few minutes, I took my super sharp (because I seldom use it) serrated knife and finely sliced the steak length-wise. It was about 8 oz. of steak--a good amount. The week of marinading, the broil, and the inherent qualities of the cut I was using made the steak amazingly tender; I was getting slices about as thin as I like my lunch meat. Well, that's an exagerration, but it was very, very thin. Threw the still-warm meat on the salad, poured on the bleu cheese dressing, and there was dinner. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the meat wasn't too salty. It tasted like it had absorbed the more umami qualities of the soy and Worcestershire without taking too much of the salt in. In retrospect, I would definitely not cook it so long. The meat came out medium well, and I definitely prefer medium rare. But it was a great high-protein meal, so that's just a small quibble.

Did a not-normal thing and went to the gym two days in a row this week. The normal routine is to take a day of rest, but I was working different groups on the two consecutive days so I decided to push my luck. Both days were arm days (bis and tris), and now my arms are a mess. This morning? Could barely brush my teeth. Yeah, that's no good. And lets not even get started about my forearms. They are a quivering mass of jellied pain. But no matter; I'll probably be okay for shoulders Fridya. Tonight is a night off, and with The O.C. in reruns I'm thinking I'm gonna go out a little. Been asked out for drinks at Asylum. Could I possibly turn that down? Yeah, you know the answer to that one.