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Friday, March 25, 2005

Spring Cleaned

The task of cleaning my room eventually filled an entire industrial sized trash bag. Not that my room was dirty -- but it was ridiculously cluttered. Yesterday I decided enough was enough and cleaned like crazy. Now gone from my room are 4 bottles of wine, 10 beer cans, 3 beer bottles, 1 mickey of Jack (all empty), 7 back issues of Esquire, 3 back issues of Vanity Fair, 2 back issues of Spin, 3 empty shopping bags that served no purpose, and much bric-a-brac that I had no real reason to save. Didn't realize I was such a horrible pack rat until I saw that bag getting filled. Still cluttering the room are numerous overflow books; all of my bookshelves are full and I don't have room for another. And I do not have the heart to throw away reading material. A new bookshelf will be a purchase I'll make when I move.

Found in this spring cleaning was my ring, which had managed to hide itself in between a box of old coffee table books and a bookshelf. How the hell did it get there? That pretty much made my night, especially after my disaster of a steak dinner.

I purchased cheap meat from the NE Farmer's Market last weekend -- steak selling for $5 a pound. I noticed when I purchased the meat that it was fairly well marbled, but looked slightly gristly. No matter. Unfortunately, my ravenousness when I got home last night prevented any complex cooking. Instead, I marinaded the steak for 45 minutes and fried it. BAD IDEA. The sheer amount of gristle on this meat, exacerbated by high heat cooking, was practically unbearable. I have a few pieces left over and I've got to slow cook it next time. There's no other (good) way to melt those connective tissues down. My normal choice of steak is a flatiron, which isn't awesome for flavor but can be cut with a butter knife. The steak from the "other" market? Not so much.

Today a bunch of us went out for a co-workers birthday. Calzones were eaten, and now a small brick has taken up residence in my stomach. It's telling me not to move around much. Nice.