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Monday, March 07, 2005

Rip van Winkle

The most welcome phone call of the weekend was from my student, who informed me that she had the flu and would like to cancel our Sunday lesson. Bless her heart. This gave me license to act the fool Saturday night. I started with some solo pregaming at home before heading off to a party at The Ellington, one of the most disgustingly self-conscious apartment buildings ever erected in DC. For the price, I'm curious as to why the residents didn't just buy in to the booming DC market. Physically, the space was nice--but the kitchen was tiny and the floor was this weird concrete that made the whole place look unfinished.

The party itself was fun. Wore my DCist shirt as a joke, and it actually became a conversation topic. In fact, I met some people who gave me good story leads. Party went as parties do, drunker and rowdier as the evening stretched on. Ran into a random co-worker with whom I did shots, broke and then fixed the tap on a keg, flirted shamelessly with little success, and managed to catch the bus home to tap off a fun and cheap evening. I suspect the bus I caught was the last of the evening. Got home absurdly late and crashed harder than expected; it took every ounce of strength I had to rise on Sunday.

Since I was free from my teaching duties, I decided to kick my Sunday two months ago stylee. The market was good to me and Tunnis was okay, except for the fact that their most annoying regular -- this lawyer who never, ever shuts up -- sat next to me the entire time. We have the same conversation every time we speak ("Have you been to this club? Remember that bar?") and I'm sick of it. After a few too many beers, I came home. What was to be a short nap turned into a strange half-nap half-sleep where I woke up to watch Carnivale and promptly fell back asleep, sans dinner.

Now its work time; got here really early and townhoused a Pom. I'm nervous about the weird sound my car is making, but don't know how to fit in time to take it to a shop. I'll probably do that tomorrow morning and pray it only takes a day to fix. Oh car drama, you are no fun.