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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Post is so Two Weeks Ago

If you haven't seen it, the Post food section today has an article on food blogs. When I first saw the topic I wasn't really surprised. The Post has been hot on blogs -- as covered in many other venues, either with DCeiver's snark or DCist's objectivity touched with a tinge of "we were here first."

The article did get me thinking though. First, there are some great blog ideas mentioned in the article. My favorite new discovery is the strangely morbid and humanizing Dead Man Eating. Its a very sad website under the surface. A deeper reading might even conclude that it is a commentary on the inherent class discrimination of the death penalty; you don't see many last requests for wagyu with foie gras. Maybe its just the menu they are provided.

But more than that, the article really emphasized to me the synergy between blogging and food. It was the ever hilarious Sunday Source that actually caught on to this, though probably not intentionally. They had an article weeks ago about "How to be a better blogger." One of their suggestions was to "blog as often as you eat." Naturally, food bloggin thus makes perfect sense. Food is an essential element of life, a regular encounter we all have, though some like it more than others. Blogging about food is blogging about life through a filter everyone is familiar with. Its a perfect match. Not everyone likes art, not everyone reads novels, but everyone eats. That doesn't mean everyone is a gourmande; but when they come across the basic vocabulary of food, everyone is familiar.

More thoughts are bouncing around, but time is short. Maybe later. Tonight: southwestern style frittata with chorizo and vidalia onions!