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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Le Néant

I don't have anything to blog about right now. No drama save for the FBI invading my office and interviewing more people than I thought they would. No cooking as I've been living meagerly on leftovers due to a persistant stinginess and a packed schedule. Just when I thought things weren't looking so hot, the social schedule starts packing up again.

Offer is still open if people want to check out Litteri's this weekend. I don't think it's as good as the Italian market in Philly that Jeff described, but you gotta make do with what you got. Other than that, might wander to a house party in Virginia Saturday, or find something else to do. Might do a lot of nothing this weekend. It's all very up in the air, but in a pleasant way.

On a food related note, I have a turkey leg I'm currently defrosting. That thing is huge! I'm currently thinking about preparation options; I'll most likely roast it very simply and make some pan gravy. I've still got the bok choy, and might try sautéeing it or steaming it. But tonight is a grill night. Impromptu party at a friend's house on a Wednesday -- love when the weather gets nice.

Things are much better after the usual pre-determined "being down" time. It's that time of year when the wine goes from red to white and the jackets get packed away. There's still stress going on (notably, housing search) but I'm prepared for it. Fun times for all.