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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

In Comes Drama!

Well, the shop was a bit of a rude awakening. My financial health was just looking positive, and I was actually digging myself out of a hole. And then I got hit with the tab for repairs to my car and BAM there goes that idea. I'll be living skint for a bit. Lucky I've got plenty of fine meats in my freezer. Also, Saturday is get drunk for free by virtue of a pass to the International Wine & Food fest. Next weekend will be the real strain on my unexpectedly slim budget, but if I make it a "stay in and watch movies" kind of weekend, I'll be okay. Or if I find parties to attend instead of doing the bar thing. I should really sit down and do taxes, determining if the good government owes this taxpayer some much needed scratch. Should do that sooner, rather than later.

Man, money stinks.