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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I am a Tremendous Loser

Tonight, 7:45. Watching Jeopardy. The category: Crossword Clues. The clue: A fine American grape used to make red wines (9 letters). The answer given: Cabernet. And it was judged as correct.

The answer is, for those who don't know, Zinfandel. Zin is a real American grape; Cab comes in a bunch of varieties and is more French. Oh, and there's the little matter of the letter count. In any case, I watched the entire rest of the game getting increasingly angry, as the gentleman who gave the clearly incorrect response ended up having a rather slim lead going to the end. Slim enough that the Cabernet response could have made a difference. Luckily, there was vindication: in Final Jeopardy, he referred to the Van Gogh painting as "Starry Nights" and lost.

Man, getting worked up about this took me back to old school days.

In other news, boring dinner tonight. It was an errand day. But: I actually made a perfect pot of rice two nights ago, and I've got some Salvadorean style roast pork to dry rub tonight. Yum.

The name of this blog is crazy deceptive.