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Monday, March 21, 2005

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Somewhere in the black hole that is my room is my ring, the silver one my dad bought for me in Thailand. I threw it on my bed Sunday afternoon and then crawled in bed withouth moving it, no doubt sending it somewhere outside of the space-time continuum. Can't find the thing anywhere. Ironic, because I was describing my attachment to it to a friend just Saturday night.

It feels totally weird not wearing this ring. I only take it off to shower, sleep, or go to the gym. And now I feel completely naked. There's a short-ish story about the ring's origins, but the fact of the matter is since my upanayam I've always worn a ring on that finger. Not having it? Sucks. I'm constantly feeling for it, and have debated putting a rubber band on the finger just to make the persistent "missing" feeling go away. Stupid not-quite-sober me and bad decision making.

In a completely unrelated note, my back is in serious amounts of pain. That's probably related to the ridiculous amount of walking I did this weekend and poor sleeping last night. That and the fact that the G. family all have serious back problems. Who am I to be different? Wanted to hit the gym tonight, but that is a bad idea given the state of me. Instead, I shall eat some dangerous drugs, whine about my back, and eventually cook some dinner (teriyaki pork chops, rice, broccoli). Fun night, I know. Stupid pain. When are they going to invent robotic bodies so we can get rid of these ugly sacks of mostly water? 10 bonus points if you get the reference -- no Google allowed, leave a comment.