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Thursday, March 24, 2005


Diplo of Hollertronix (who is apparently the much-ballyhooed M.I.A.'s boyfriend) has put together some fantastic grime-y mixes. Imagine dj/Rupture sans the noise, with less Arab and more crunk influences. The adjective that immediately comes to mind is "dirty", music that (to paraphrase Pitchfork) comes from the ghetto, be it barrio, project, or favela. Diplo's take on it exemplifies this "global grime" style, and his "Favela on Blast" mix (available via Boomselection) is a great example. Miami booty bass, electro, The Clash (??), R&B crooning and rapping in what I assume is Brazilian Portugeuse -- this is hot stuff. It's all based on "baile funk", the music of the Brazilian shanty towns (favela). Boomselection is already saying that baile funk is the new hotness -- kind of neat, though I wonder if this is the same form of music that was profiled in Spin a few years ago as insighting serious gang violence in the poorer sections of Rio (anyone else remember that?). If that is the case, baile funk kind of reminds me of Go-Go.

Diplo was in town a few months ago and I missed him (my big time bad) but I don't plan on making the mistake again. "Favela on Blast" is a hot download (interesting that The Village Voice was ahead of Boomselection on this one) and seeing this kind of mix done live would be amazing. I haven't had a night of sweating it out in a club in forever.

So last summer's sounds were Jamaican riddims and soca. Bollywood beats were two summers ago, and we've also seen some Miami bass revival and some sneaky drum'n'bass get popular. Is baile funk the sound for this summer?