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Thursday, March 10, 2005


Most probably know that I'm a map fan. Well, not exactly a fan -- more a semi-obsessed weirdo. This probably comes from staring at way too many National Geographic insert maps as a kid. In fact, my parents still have their collection of NG's, dating back to 1981. My favorites back in the day were a two-dimensional map of the universe I actually had hanging up on my wall (nerd much?) and two small inserts on a larger world political map that showed the distribution of religions and languages. I'd stare at those things for hours on end. Yeesh.

That doesn't have much to do with this post, I suppose. But Catherine did provide a link to an interesting website that lays out a map of all the state's one has visited. Here's mine:

create your own visited states map

So it looks like I've done a pretty good job hitting most of the states east of Old Man River, with the deep south, Wisconsin, and those crazy northeastern states still noticeably empty. I'm pretty sure I've never been to South Carolina, though I have driven through; I won't count that.

West of the river is another matter. Not only haven't I been to the Pacific Northwest, I haven't even come close to visiting the plains states, or my mom's dream location of Montana (no, seriously, and no, I don't get it either). I should remedy this, especially since watching Carnivale makes me want to go see the great wide open spaces.

Who am I kidding? 10 minutes in Nebraska and I'll be drinking beer and complaining about how there's nothing to do.