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Friday, March 04, 2005

Asylum Tacos

Last night at Asylum was pretty fun. Ellie showed up 15 minutes before the specials were ending, so we snuck orders in just under the wire. Super cheap eats; Ellie said her wings were spicier than she expected, and my tacos were just okay. But for two bucks, whatever. We continued on the Shiner Bock train for a few hours; I took the metro to Eastern Market, stopped off at Tunnis, took a couple of shots, committed a faux pas, and stumbled home.

Just solved what was looking to be a pretty big problem at work... and did so rather hungover and unable to concentrate. Also got in before 9, and had the foresight to drink some water before coming in. So all in all, I guess things are looking up.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the 'rents out to Mandalay for an anniversary lunch. Tomorrow night is up in the air at the moment. That feels really nice to say.

Does anyone have any Advil?