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Monday, March 28, 2005

87 Stick Up Kids

Last night I watched Carnivale while enjoying a couple glasses of Val D'Oca Prosecco. Dedicated readers probably remember that the wine festival reintroduced me to the world of sparkling wines. I wasn't a fan for a long time, but I'm quickly changing my tune. The Prosecco was just another step in this direction, and at $11.99 from Litteri's, it was a well priced one.

I'm not at all familiar with Italian wine. In fact, I'm generally better with New World wines rather than old. So I tasted my prosecco with no expectations. I was pleased that it wasn't as brut as the California sparklers I've had. The bubbles were less strident than domestic product. The overpowering bubbles of cheap "champagne" like Freixenet usualy makes me kind of ill, so that was a welcome surprise. The Val D'Oca was slightly sweet and went down easily. It also got me interested in sampling more prosecco, probably from Litteri's. That place is the bomb.

Update: Google searching led me to this article from 2003. No wonder I like this stuff. Should go to Italy some time soon. If its anything as lazy and food oriented as Spain, I'll love it. (sidenote to Suzanne: remember our trip to Spain? #3 on my all time favorite vacations list, seriously. Just behind the last trip to India and the Canyon.)

So I'm off to the Italian deli again this Saturday. Who wants to come with me? If you haven't been, you owe it to yourself.

I'm in the middle of watching "You Got Served" again. This movie is an absolute riot. Why are Omarion and Marques dancing in the rain? Does anyone look more frightening than Lil Kim? How did they get those Lil Saint t-shirts so quickly, and can I have one? Aren't ridiculously massive crews of more than 20 people just a mite inefficient? And can a plot have been more hurried? Doesn't matter. This movie is too entertaining.

In a not-so-completely-unrelated note, if I ever have the need for some sort of entrance music its gotta be Ante Up. Too hot. I'm picturing Hansel-level fame, where a DJ follows me around and drops the wax whenever I walk into a room. To steal a phrase used often by Kyle, best.