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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Rough Times Rundown

• The Democratic People's Republic of Korea admits being nuclear. Wait, Democratic? Did I miss that memo? Dear Leader can be such a joker.

• As we continue to spread the fires of democracy, its good to know our pals the Saudi Arabians got to vote this year. Hey ladies of Saudi Arabia -- did you get jealous when you saw the ladies of Afghanistan and Iraq voting? Don't worry, you'll get your chance... in 2009. Ladies and gentlemen, our closest Arab ally.

• Oh, and in case you were wondering, Africa is still a great big mess.

In other news...

People wonder why I hate Virginia?

• Prince Chuck grows a pair, gets engaged. CNN uses the word "lover" in headline. Umm, how about "girlfriend"?


• True quote from last night's West Wing, from the mouth of Pres. Bartlet: "What's the latest in comparative constitutional theory? Is separation of powers still in vogue?"