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Monday, February 28, 2005

Red Trout and Carnivale...

Though not in that order.

I really hope there are other Carnivale lovers reading this blog. I swear, it has to be one of the finest television shows ever created. Rarely do I heart a show as much as I heart, say, The Prisoner... but Carnivale, you win. It helps that I find Carla Rossi really hot, but the cast in general is just genius. The last thirty seconds of last nights episode blew my mind. Yes, it was a mite predictable, but it was done so damn well. My only hope now is that HBO does the smart thing and ends this show before it gets silly.

Last night's red trout was also quality. Trout is lovely bit of fish, and wild red trout is delicious. I broiled it topped with a sauce made with cream cheese, parsley, and lemon juice. Served it on a bed of melted leeks (leeks are the new hotness, I tell you) that I cooked with the last of my thyme butter. Verdict? Amazing. Ten minutes was a little long for the trout, but it still came out fairly rare. My mom describes the flavor of trout pretty well: "Mishti Maach", or "Sweet Fish". She's right. The sweetness of the wild fish was countered with the tart lemon and creamy notes of the cheese. The scattering of kosher salt on the flesh before topping the fish with the sauce was a good decision. The leeks were rich and buttery, but the salt from the butter dissappeared, mysteriously. Still, it was a good dinner.

Hell, it was a good night. A good weekend no less! Given the personal drama of the last week, that is surprising. In a good way.