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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Porkchop Fun

Union Meat Company sells these righteous bone-in pork chops, about 1.5 inches in thickness, at a fairly decent price. So I usually purchase two and cook them in two distinct styles. Last night's chop (wrapped in foil with jalapenos and garlic, balsamic and oil, then roasted) was okay, but frankly it was just a quick and easy meal necessitated by the fact that the pork didn't fully defrost until around 7 (sidenote: I hate defrosting in the microwave).

But the pork I have marinading now should be interesting. I have it going in a mix of soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic, and thyme. I'll probably cook it Thursday, at which point I'll strain the marinade and use it as a basis for a sauce as well. Maple syrup? Yes. Its a good alternative to using brown sugar. The soy offsets the sweetness and adds to the richness. The garlic, well, is awesome. The thyme may get a little overpowered, but I'm hoping for just a little herbal smell, not much more. I'll sear the chop and then bake it for a bit... should turn out pretty well with the sauce.

In non-food related news, some miracle has made it possible for me to actually sleep through the night now. Well, not sleep through, but sleep straight from midnight to 6:30. That is a pretty big achievement, I figure.

Oh, and no movement yet in regards to the Foreign Service. Everyone at the office knows (why keep it a secret?) but the real security checking has yet to begin. I wonder if this blog will get me in trouble? Probably not. If the Department of State gets angry at these posts, then damn, that's some thin skin.

Unrelated: Organic Plain Yogurt is very tart. But with granola, it's not too bad of a breakfast food. So long Slimfast. Maybe I'll purchase your ridiculously over priced shakes again some day... but don't wait up.