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Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Long Summary of My Weekend that will be Boring to Everyone

I made the statement offhand that I was kind of tired of the old weekend spent at Tunnis drill. It was all just getting boring. So the resolution this weekend was to do something different.

Friday night was steak, which had been dry rubbed with a mix of Madras curry powder and chili powder for three days. It turned out nice, but I wish I had made it a little more rare. Post steak I headed to the Big Hunt. An odd decision, kind of... normally Fridays aren't really out nights. Also odd because I don't know Tommy personally that well. Of course, this is the blog world, where everyone reads about everyone elses life and actual conversation doesn't have to happen. But its still good, well, as far as virtual friendships go. I had nice conversations with Yglesias and Kriston, even though I've only talked to them a couple of times prior, and hung out with Catherine and Tommy, the ostensible hosts (Tommy enters the old man club, officially).

(Aside: this blogging world thing is strange and kind of nice. Without going too deep into the personal life, my friendships have been in a weird flux state ever since Steve moved out. I fly solo more than most people, and have come up with many thoughts on the alienation of the city. But lately things have been different. I really enjoy hanging out with this new sort-of group I've met. Everyone has the right amount of nerdiness without being overwhelming, and they are all pretty fun.)

So I'm in the Big Hunt basement, drinking decent beer at a good price, when who the hell walks in but Billy, Lance, and Alexia from Tunnis. Now I've been out with Alexia before, but I've never ever seen Billy and Lance in a non-Tunnis environment. And they bought me drinks, all night, as if I was at Tunnis. It was sufficiently surreal.

Saturday brought an awful headache and the realization that I had no food at all. Thus began an epicly long day. Eastern Market, a quick lunch, then off to Mt. Pleasant to meet a friend for drinks at The Raven. A quick bus ride to U St. and a detour through Meridian Hill Park, where a Hispanic dude almost urinated on me. Numerous High Lifes (High Lives?) at The Raven, and a conversation that was to be short but stretched into dinner with another new face at a cheap ole Salvadorean joint in Mt. Pleasant. A quick ride back down to U St., the metro back to Eastern Market, and drinks at Tunnis into the late hours, hanging out with Rob's girlfriend Angie and Erin, former girlfriend of the kind-of-sketchy guy who got fired from Tunnis.

So, C+. There were too many Tunnis cameos in non-Tunnis locations, and I couldn't pass up drinking there last night (it was on the way home, dammit). Next weekend? Who the hell knows. But I'm keeping my resolution going. The effort to get out alone was worth it.

Today has been slow. Made an easy $40 tutoring. I have to say, I love my current student. She and I have the same sense of humor and she's a real delight to teach. None of the drama of my last student, who was a bit of a mess. The current kid has some insecurity about her intellectual abilities, but I think she's much smarter than she gives herself credit for.

Tonight: Wine, Carnivale, red trout in a lemon/garlic sauce on a bed of melted leeks, and prayers that the weather is majorly inclement.