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Friday, February 25, 2005

Five Tidbits to Sustain your Friday Afternoon

• Did you know that The Bravery are the point of inflection of all current indie rock acts? Musical calculus, derivative of a derivative. When the second derivative is equal to zero (The Bravery), you have a point of inflection (concavity changes). Still considering whether this means acts for whom the second derivative is positive (concave up) are better or worse than The Bravery. Of course, everyone knows that the second derivative tells you nothing about whether the function is increasing or decreasing. So reserve value judgement on whether The Bravery are signal a downturn on the musical curve. (This is sheer mental masturbation and I know that.)

• On a similar note, Blue Monday has to be one of the top five singles of the 1980s. That being said, I'm still trying to figure out if the lyrics really have anything to do with the Falklands War. Oh, and Dear Orgy: Thanks, guys, but New Order didn't need your help.

• There's a story on Slate being thrown around comparing bloggers to rappers. DCeiver makes the right call here: boring and ultimately useless. Did rappers ever bring down former male prostitute pseudo-journalists? DID THEY? Didn't think so.

• Last night's Spiderman bit on The O.C.? Predictable, but still great. Question: did they film this episode in 2005? If not, they rather eerily predicted the current weather patterns in the real Orange County. I hope Caleb's house falls into the ocean. That would be awesome. And if they don't work in at least one Simpsons reference into the "Trapped in a Mall" episode in two weeks...

• Those king head commercials for Burger King are pretty weird, but DCSOB hits it right: The Darius Rucker commercial is just about the weirdest thing ever. Next up: The guy from Seven Mary Three sings a hook for Quiznos. I'm conceiving a pun on "cumbersome" and "crusted bun". Give me a break, its Friday.