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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I'm flying to Anaheim, the armpit of Orange County, tomorrow. And the weather? Rainy. When its beautiful in D.C. That's just grand. Grizz-and, even.

This is an annual trip to the Land of Disney; this will be my third year running. Am I looking forward to it? Well, yes and no. There are two reasons, no, three, to be excited.

• As some may have heard from me before, the Anaheim Convention Center Marriott has the best bloody Mary's I've had, ever. They make them with Citron, A-1, home made mix, and garnish it all with pickled green beans and a massive shrimp. That's something to look forward to.

• There's a sushi place in one of the Disney-region hotels that is so consistently good that I've been going there multiple times each trip to the Heim. The sushi is good, but the kicker is this sake dubbed "crazy milk" (info here) that is truly a wonderous beverage. If I could bring home multiple bottles of this, I would.

• Orange County is one of the few places that still sells (as of last year) Salsa Verde flavored Doritos. If you remember me from sophomore year, you know how I feel about that stuff.

Okay, so my excitement for this trip is based on bloody's, sake, and Doritos. Friends, I am 100% genuine class.