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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Well, it was a Wednesday

So I can't decide if I'm so down because of this morning, because of the inauguration, because going downtown at 9 AM made me realize how sick I am of my job (or, more specifically, its location), or because my roommate and a zillion other people have off tomorrow while I have to go to work. Yuck.

In any case, I'm not going to dwell. Instead I'll go to bed and wake up to put a full day in tomorrow. And actually try to be super productive.

Oh, and then I'm going to come home and try to make my leek and potato soup. I'll probably do my fair share of recipe browsing tomorrow as well. Will make it a good day, even though current events and my consequent inability to go to the gym will be affected.

Recipe for the soup to come tomorrow. Now that, I'm really looking forward to.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering, my thyme butter came out fantastic. I have a bit of it with some bread tonight, and I'll be using it to saute carrots and celery for soup tomorrow. So I got that going for me, which is nice.