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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Weekend Rundown

Carnivale is one of the best and most frustrating shows on television right now.
• I'm going to have to move at the end of May. No stress; a change might be nice. And new roommate Ken, who I am really getting to like, might move with me. That would be cool.
• Columbia, MD, is a perfect example of all that I hate about the suburbs.
• Sometimes being a brahmin means you get free stuff. But the transactions are often uncomfortable.
• My pseudo-brined chicken came out great, but the jalapenos were an unnecessary element. Little to no heat was provided by adding the peppers into the blended mix. If you want spicy, slice the peppers before cooking and place them under the skin.
• Why is it that Asylum is always empty on Saturday nights? Cheap beer, loud music... what's not to like?
• Jumbo slice and falafel at the end of a drunk night make for little to no hangover in the morning.
• The Sunday Source is journalism for retards. Discuss.
• The accra (basically, salt cod cutlets) at the Islander are the bomb diggety. But is the name related to the capital of Ghana?
• The Arcade Fire were amazing live. But you don't have to take my word for it.

Weekends are so hot right now.