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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

UPDATE: Not Panicked

My landlord just sent me an email saying she wanted to inspect the house and have me sign some documents. This is sending me into a serious, serious panic... I'm feeling it can mean only one thing, she is planning on selling the space. Here's the text of the email:
I would like to come the house this weekend. I need to do an inspection and I also need for you to sign some documents. Can you let me know if you will be available and when is a good time?

Am I being paranoid? I hope so. I just got two good roommates moved in and I really like my space; the thought of moving makes me slightly ill. Well, more than slightly, because I'm also really attached to my neighborhood and the decent rent. Anyway, I emailed the landlord back telling her a good time to come by and asking what sort of documents she wants me to sign. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. Please let that be the case.

Contingency plan: I'll be asking one or both of my roommates to move with me to a new place. Is that feasible? Maybe. But they both just moved in and are sure to get upset about moving yet again. Being paranoid is awful... I really love my house though, so right now I'm spinning my wheels, unable to get much else done. Come on landlord, respond to my email.

Update: The magic GMail number just increase by one, so in a bit of a rush I clicked over to my account to reveal an e-mail from... the DCist listserv. The panic continues, unabated.

Update II: Got through to my landlady over the phone. It seems want to do some renovations to the property and are thinking of putting the house on the market. This, however, wouldn't happen until the end of May at the earliest, end of summer at the latest. So I'm okay right now. No reason to panic the new roommates either. Breathing a sigh of relief in 3... 2... 1...