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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Trend Ebbing

This is a nice article. Unfortunately, after The Grey Album, this piece of crap, and radio shows on HFS and DC101, the mash-up is kind of over. Well, as over as any trend based on recycling pop detritus can be. But seriously, no wonder none of the good bootleg blogs have bandwith left. Boomselection has some on occasion, but in general it isn't easy to find. Crap. I've been searching for "Lisa's Got Hives" forever, and haven't been able to find "Love will Freak Us" since my hard drive crashed. Tarnation.

It is Thursday though. This is a plus. Tomorrow: free bagels and donuts. And I might cook spaghetti for dinner, because I'm in the mood for comfort food. Saturday: Bluestate. Bloggerific.