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Monday, January 24, 2005

Sorry, I know You want Content...

But the fact is I didn't have that interesting of a weekend, at least food-wise. The cream of potato and leek soup made for good snowy weather eatings, and that was about it. But I do have a rather full larder, with a three pound organic chicken and numerous ground meats with which I plan on making meatloaf, burgers, and whatever else I please. I will be cooking this week--at least when I get a chance to. Anyone have interesting culinary plans this week? I want to make buffalo burgers at some point.

Oh wintertime, you never fail to make one long for comfort food. Fun, citrusy, bouncy recipes? I'll see you when the trees start to bud.

One quick observation: the secret ingredient on Iron Chef America was catfish. What? Can't believe those bottom feeding mudfish were an actual ingredient. What's next -- Battle Spam? I guess that would make the Hawaiian fans happy.