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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Some Thanks are in Order

Thanks to Steve Mannion for introducing me to this absolutely awful song. Predictably, I love it. What is it about bad dance music with bad vocals that is so damned attractive to me?

Thanks to Tunni's for firing your excellent but sketchy head chef. I knew he was a bit odd, but when he tried to sell me a rather large amount of illicit substances, I knew he wasn't exactly one I wanted to hang out with often. I'm sad, however, that I won't be able to get his recipe for beer-battered broccoli. Seriously--that stuff was awesome.

Thanks to my work (no link for you!) for giving me mind numbingly boring tasks today. I really didn't feel like thinking, and Salon was good morning reading.

Speaking of which, thanks to Salon for recognizing that Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle was, in addition to being a great bit of stoner humor, a clever bit of racial commentary (subscription or ad view required).

Thanks to Gold's Gym for rigidly enforcing the half-hour rule on your cardio machines last night. Oh, and thanks to the random staff ass from Barney Frank's office who let me work in with him for some of the evening. (sidenote: Even Frank's webpage appears messy and unkempt. What was it made on--Geocities?)

And finally, thanks to 2005. You're shaping up to be a better year than 2004 so far. Not that '04 was bad--but if I get a new job and keep everything else in my life the same, 2005 will be exponentially better.