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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


It is official: I lost a bunch of muscle mass during my month of on-again, off-again lifting. Crap. Pushed hard today at the gym, and I'll have pain to show for it tomorrow. My press is down a bit, as is my overall endurance. But that's what I get, I suppose. The gym wasn't as crowded as expected, but there were plenty of new faces. Last year, my old gym needed traffic directors after the first of the year. Probably because of all the haus fraus that Bowie attracts. Thank goodness for a young gym. One of the benefits of that is that the music is usually good. Today it was very nostalgic for me--almost all 1998-2000 era rave. We're talking Black Box Recorder, some Acid House tracks, "Let Me Be Your Fantasy", and for the more pedestrian, "Zombie Nation." It was like being at the gym with a bad imitator of Derrick Carter. Of course, by the time I got to the hardest part for me (cardio), the music had changed to a better-than-average pop mix. Oh well.

Other than that, an uneventful evening. Spent a good amount of time writing my DCist review of Tallula, playing with posting my first ever column spanning image. Also a pretty long review. It was fun to write, but one day I want to write a full fledged restaurant review, one where I sample multiple items on the menu over the course of many evenings. Oh yeah, and one where I can expense it. The review will be up tomorrow, sometime. Melissa, if you still read this--sorry about the delay!

Speaking of which, hey, want to nominate DCist for a Bloggy? Best group blog? Best new blog? Both will do, thanks. There is a category for best food blog. I think I'd give that one to either the eGullet community blog or The Food Section. But you know, that interweb, she's endless. I've probably missed a million other good blogs about food. Ray's blog not included.

Oh, also enjoyed a second night of chef salad. Now that I'm doing the gym thing again, meals will be prepared every other day, predominantly. I have an almost complete recipe in mind for the pork chops with a few minor elements to work out. That I'll post tomorrow, after some research.

More goals for the new year: an asian soup, maybe even a fish soup. Game, maybe quail. And a haggis. (Just kidding... or am I?)