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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Now that That's Over

We've got a newanother term for Mr. Bush, failed business man, alleged draft dodger, former alcoholic, alleged former cocaine user, and now President of These United States. I'm figuring the Democrats have to start getting optimistic about now. The hoopla surrounding this event--the $17 million from D.C., the orgy of excess the likes of which have never been seen for an inaugural--has been given a great deal of press. How can that be a bad thing? And there are plenty of other things to look forward to:

• The Republicans still don't have a viable candidate in line. Jeb Bush? Would be interesting--but would also look a little too dynastic. Giuliani? With the skeletons and the lack of experience, I don't see it. Its only so far you can ride on 9-11's coattails. There's probably a Red State governor out there being groomed as we speak, but at this moment there is no presumptive candidate for 2008. This is good.

• The left is now free of the post-election nether period. Now is the time to gear up for a big '06 push, hitting weak freshman from the house hard during their re-election bids and trying to pick off a few seats in the senate as well. I do think its possible to gain something similar to 1994. It won't be as huge, but it could happen.

• Democrats only have 2% of the country to convince if they run a strong candidate. The mere fact that a New England Dem won 49% of the popular vote is unbelievable. Unfortunately, during the last election the DNC played it too safe and went for an easy candidate. Maybe this time they'll get smarter.

Of course there's the sword of Damocles, hanging over Democrats heads:

• If Hillary makes any sort of run and gets the support people have been giving her in advance, the Democrats are screwed. Its like running as brash punk rocker for American Idol: yes, idealistically it is an interesting and important step, but dude, you're not gonna win.

I'll have fun watching this over the next few years. We're in for a ride.