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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Most Awesome Commercial

Did anyone see the amazing Nike commercial during the third/fourth quarter of the Steelers/Pats game last Sunday? The one that started off looking like just a glorified commercial stressing how in-shape athletes are but then got... well, completely awesome? The Sun-Times and Deseret News have short pieces about this new ad campaign, apparently called "Warriors" by the ad execs working with Nike. I think it's head and shoulders above some of the other campaigns I've seen in recent memory. Well, I did until I saw the watered down banner ad on the ESPN website. The 60-second spot Sunday night was really creepy--especially the Pinhead-esque barbed wire block that Urlacher wore aroud his head. The online banner campaign ("See who's behind the mask!")? There seems to be some creative disconnect there between the dark intensity of the televised campaign and the semi-cheesiness of the online banners.

You know, Nike are one of those companies that represent a ton of revenue and spend it in ways that, were I to put on my evil capitalist hat, totally make sense: sweatshop labor and smart advertising. Too bad the evil capitalist hat doesn't fit me well at all, otherwise I'd go out and buy me some Nike gear.

Conclusion: Be on the lookout for this commercial. I'm sure it'll be running during the Superbowl. Its well worth watching; one of the best commercials I've seen in recent memory.