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Tuesday, January 04, 2005


• So I clicked on the "Next Blog" button at the top of my site, and it sent me here. First, way to have totally annoying in-post formatting. Second, everyone knows you're supposed to spell it Thums Up. Third, yes we rule. Fourth, there's nothing currently on my page about my race. How the heck did I get here? Randomness. Clicking from the Indian page took me here. Weird.

• I'm finally heading back to the gym tonight after a long layoff. Wish soreness on me for tomorrow. Chest and Triceps. It may be crowded, crap.

• Dinner on Wednesday will be stuffed pork chops. I'll keep it a mystery as to what will actually go in the stuffing until I finish my final thoughts on the recipe.

• The weather has crossed from unseasonably pleasant to annoying in my mind. It is too warm; why did I get all these new sweaters, not to mention a new coat? The only plus is that the heating bill for January won't be too bad. But this is DelMarVa. It could easily be 17 degrees in a week, and snow 2 feet. That would be awesome. Unfortunately, Wunderground says that the warm weather isn't going away any time soon.

• Forgot to talk about the NYE dinner. It was great; tart and tangy, to compensate for relatively bland chicken. The sauce was the best part. Haven't gone into the fantastically inventive lately, but will be sometime soon. After the dinner, I went to Rob's in Glover Park. Rode what was possibly the whitest bus in DC (.pdf) to get there. Drank sake, drank more sake. New Year's resolution: don't drink that much sake. Thanks Audrey for dealing with my drunk self.